Crypto Apero S03E03: Algorithmically Yours – the Everyday AI Edition

More people now meet a partner through online dating than any other way and hooking up this way has gone from a source of embarrassment to an accepted norm.

Far from the AI apocalypse, it is these everyday uses of algorithms that are quietly  taking over areas of everyday life – from credit ratings to robodebt, legal judgements to insurance premiums, grammar analysis on social media to being led to ever more extreme content on YouTube, chat bots to virtual assistants, AI is here & now.

In this edition of the Crypto Apero we’ll explore the good, the bad and the plain stupid of everyday AI and investigate if we really want a computer programme to mix our cocktails….

29 January 2020 – 18:30
Duration | 1 h 30 mins | Durée

Place des Rotondes
L-2448 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie