Crypto Apero S03E01 The Internet is for (Dead) Cats Edition

A warm welcome to you, visitor | Bienvenue à toi, visiteur

We all know the Internet is for cats, right?

But what have London buses, wine crates, smoked fish, climbing trips and maybe even planning to buy islands got to do with cats? And why dead cats?

Come along to the first Crypto Apero of the new season and find out all about deceased felines and why some crazy things that politicians say & do might really have something to do with Internet disinformation and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

This edition of Crypto Apero is part of Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg


17 October 2019 – 18:30
Duration | 1 h 30 mins | Durée

Place des Rotondes
L-2448 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie